The Department of Periodontics provides education and training for predoctoral, dental hygiene, and advanced education students in the art and science of periodontics. Periodontics encompasses the study of the supporting structures of the teeth. It also deals with etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that affect the supporting structures of the teeth. The study of periodontics helps to form basic concepts of health and disease. These concepts are applied in the treatment of periodontal diseases and in the maintenance of dental health over a patient's lifetime, providing comprehensive dental therapy for the individual patient. In this way, the Department of Periodontics contributes directly to the School of Dentistry's academic and service mission— "to make man whole."


Tord M. Lundgren

Director, Advanced Specialty Education Program

Erik F. Sahl

Primary faculty

R. Leslie Arnett, Jr.

Ahmed Khocht

Yoon-Jeong Kim

Adrian Mobilia

Zahra Mohammadzadah

Manoochehr Gothtasb pour Parsi

Cynthia Scheines

Loredana E. Trica

Barbara Valadez

Klaus D. Wolfram