Dental Education Services

The Department of Dental Education Services provides instruction for a variety of nonclinical subject areas, including behavioral science, practice management, preventive and community dentistry, and service learning. The interactions of patients, staff, and dentists are examined in light of varied personality characteristics. In addition, the art and science of establishing and operating a successful practice are examined. Also, preventive dentistry in the office and community as the underlying philosophy of dental practice is studied. Students are required to participate in providing dental services and dental health education in underserved settings outside the dental school clinic—providing the experience of involvement in the real world "to make man whole."


Ronald J. Dailey

Primary faculty

Marjorie R. Arnett

Janet G. Bauer

Vernon P. Brockmann (First 5)

Jack C. Burdick IV

Eun-Hwi E. Cho

Graciela G. Duran (SACH)

William M. Hooker

Edna M. Loveless

Lancelot S. McLean

Kathleen L. Moore

Daniel J. Ninan (SACH)

Udochukwu E. Oyoyo

Thomas C. Rogers

Brent E. Shakespeare

D. Graham Stacey

Rodney L. Turner (SACH)

P. Esther Valenzuela

Krista J. Weymar

Wu Zhang

Emeritus faculty

James M. Crawford

George M. Lessard