The goal of the Department of Neurology is to deliver the highest quality neurological care to patients by integrating academic medicine with whole-person care, research, and education. With the rapid development of technology, it is essential that medical students learn to recognize and treat a variety of neurological disorders. The objective of the department's four-week rotation is to further God's work of restoring wholeness to people by teaching the essentials of clinical neurology through compassionate patient care, bedside teaching, and a focused didactic curriculum.


Travis Losey

Bryan Tsao

Associate Chair of Education

Laura D. Nist

Associate Chair of Clinical Operations

Jeffrey Rosenfeld

Residency and Fellowship Program Director

Laura D. Nist

Primary faculty

Nancy Baker

Firas Bannout

Krystle Bekalo-Quinlan

Jeffrey Bounds

Thomas Bravo

Esther Byun

Charles Casassa

Shauna Cheung

Bradley A. Cole

Dorothee Cole

Yujian Guo

Brian Cravanas Jr.

Khashayar Dashtipour

Mohammad Dastjerdi

Karen Frei

Daniel W. Giang

James Guth

David Ko

Ruby Koshy

Theresa LaBarte

Antonio Liu

Travis Losey

Ali Makki

Jignasa Patel

Gordon W, Peterson

Kenneth Pugar

Bridgett Quinonez

Jeffrey Rosenfeld

Yilin Shek

A. Dean Sherzai

Ayesha Sherzai

R. Richard Sloop

Vincent Truong

Bryan E. Tsao

Philip Tseng

Danilo Vitorovic

Jared Yee

Ilya Zolotnik

Secondary faculty

Gregory Aaen

Eman Hawy

Sarah Humbert

Jessica Koch

Emeritus Professor

Donald Peterson