The philosophy of the Department of Emergency Medicine centers on a commitment to quality in its service, teaching, and research missions. This department functions as a crossroad interface between the community and medical center services—providing a point of access to medical care for many people who are seriously and unexpectedly ill, and whose conditions may be compromised by geographic isolation and socioeconomic disadvantage.

The objectives of the department are to:

  1. Provide and coordinate cost-effective, empathetic, compassionate, and excellent pre-hospital, emergency, and trauma services.
  2. Support and contribute to the achievement of medical education competency for all categories of emergency-care professionals.
  3. Develop initiatives that promote increased understanding and improved techniques and skills in emergency-care practice, heighten positive perception of this specialty, and contribute to quality research in this area.
  4. Promote teamwork skills among the various services and professionals comprising the emergency medical system.

Division of General Emergency Medicine

E. Lea Walters, Chair

Lance A. Brown, Vice Chair Operations

Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Lance A. Brown, Head

Division of Academic Affairs Emergency Medicine

Dustin Smith, Vice Chair

Primary faculty

Shaher Altoumah

Moosa Matt Azadian

Besh Rhyl Barcega

Emily Barrett

Robert Bassler

Austin Beck

Deena Bengiamin

Steven Bolger

Caitlin Borkowski

Lance A. Brown

S. Nohemi Caldwell

Weyjuin Chao

Brian Chen

Kevin Chen

Sarah J. Christian-Kopp

Samuel Chua

Randall Culler

Lynda Daniel-Underwood

Morgaine Daniels

Andrew Davis

Megan Dickson

Marque Dietzler

Vi A. Dinh

William Downes

Radu Dudas

W. Seth Dukes

Bogdan Dumitriu

Stacey Ernest

Diandra Escamilla

Molly Estes

Joseph Fargusson

Jessica Fields

Lizveth Fierro

Brian Foster

Shubhangi Gaikwad

Paul Giem

Brian Gordon

Jeff T. Grange

Casey Graves

Steven M. Green

Shayne Gue

Mindi J. Guptill

Paul Hanna

Melvyn Harris

Korbin N. Haycock

Danielle Hindi

Sarah Holgren

Eugene Hu

Timothy Ibrahim

Yaron Ivan

Zan Jafry

Sharmin Kalam

Aqeel S. Khan

Michael Kiemeny

Eugene Kim

Grace J. Kim

Tommy Y. H. Kim

Sunghee Kim

Patricia Korszyk

Heather Kuntz

Kristina Kyle

William Lee

Cody Limone

Stephen Lin

Andrew Little

Chin-Yu Jean Lo

Katia Lugo

R. Daniel Luther

Daniel Lymon

Darcy Mainville

Claire L. McArthur III

Carmen Martinez Martinez

Zachary McCarty

Amber Mejia

James Mitchell

Caroline Molins

Nicholas Montano

James A. Moynihan

John Naftel

Leza Naydich

Steven Nazario

Timothy Nesper

Olen Netteburg

Nancy Ngo

Steven Tamba, NP

John Michael O'Neal

Humberto Ochoa

Jessica Alvarez, PA

Ajit Pang

Karli Parlette

Sarah Peterson

Lisa Ponsford

Alayna Prest

Melanie Randall

Kimber Raswon

E. Ellen Reibling

Jon Boyd Roper

Daniel Rossie

Charlotte Roy

Amy Russell

Paul Savino

Mary A. Savory

Geron Sheppard

Thomas S. Sherwin

Andrew Simmons

Karan Singh

Dustin D. Smith

Jennifer Tango

Heather M. Tassone

Rachel Tena

Tamara L. Thomas

Mark Thomas

Jessica Thomas

Kevin Tomecsek

Cory Toomasian

Louis Tran

Stephanie Tseeng

Nitin Ubhayakar

Daniel Udrea

Reza Vaezazizi

Pablo Vargas

Brittaney Vargus

E. Lea Walters

Deborah L. Washke

Krista Wiese

Maciej Witkos

Brian J. Wolk

Timothy P. Young

Sophia Zabadayev

Kimberly R. Zimmerman

Secondary faculty

Sara Johnson

H. Bryant Nguyen

Kathy Valdeverona