The Division of General Dentistry encompasses the disciplines of oral diagnosis, operative dentistry, fixed prosthodontics, and removable prosthodontics. It is the aim of the division to provide each student with a thorough understanding of both technical and clinical skills which enable comprehensive patient care. The primary objectives of the Division of General Dentistry can be described on two levels: preclinical didactic courses and clinical education. The division also aims at instilling in each student an interest in exploring new frontiers in dentistry and in recognizing the need for a continued quest for knowledge.

The division houses the International Dentistry Program, which is responsible for the management of preclinical and clinical education for students.  


John B. Won

International Dentist Program director

Michael J. Fitzpatrick

Primary faculty

Edward Albrecht

Daniel R. Armstrong

Ryan Becker

Sasiya Bhumpattarachai

Sarah Bukhari

Perry D. Burtch

Cynthia Carter

Vincent K. Chee

Eun-Joo P. Choi

Purin Chriavchevin

Heidi L. Christensen

John Cummings

Mark Estey

Sofia Fitzpatrick

Ronald E. Forde

Wendy C. Gregorius

Steven Haddad

Natalie Hohensee

Paula M. Izvernari

Balsam F. Jekki

Rami R. Jekki

Zina F. Johnston

Shivani Karre

Tara Khamo

Jessica Kim

So Ran Kwon

Hung-Chi Liao

Sunee Limmeechokchai

Marina Luna

Houda Tebcherany Naayem

Iris H. Nam

Doyle R. Nick

Kiddee Poomprakobsri

Steven Powell

Dwight D. Rice

Erin E. A. Richards

Holli C. Riter

Clyde L. Roggenkamp

Margaret Soh

Ronald L. Sorrels

Raghad J. Sulaiman

Justin Terrill

James R. Trott

Robert D. Walter

Reema Younan

Emeritus faculty

William H. Heisler

Daniel E. Tan, Jr.

L. Parnell Taylor