Maternal Newborn Child Health (MNCH)


MNCH 520. Maternal/Child Health: Policy and Programs. 3 Units.

Examines national and global public health programs, problems, and policies—targeting infants, children, and childbearing women. Explores issues such as poverty, access to and utilization of health care, adolescence, disabilities, family planning, HIV, and AIDS within socioeconomic, political, and ethical frameworks. Emphasizes interdisciplinary delivery of services within a public health setting to improve the well-being of mothers, infants, and children.

MNCH 567. Reproductive Health. 3 Units.

Using the life-cycle approach, focuses on reproductive health as a human right for both men and women. Examines public health policy; programs; and, to some degree, clinical interventions at various points of the reproductive life cycle. Explores issues that affect health and fertility, including family-planning technologies; reproductive tract infections, including HIV; and the impact of violence on reproductive health. Draws on reproductive health programs.

MNCH 614. Seminar in Maternal and Child Health Practice. 3 Units.

Examines a variety of maternal, newborn, and child health topic areas addressing a wide range of health behaviors, environmental factors/conditions, health systems, and determinants of health that affect the health, wellness, and overall quality of life for these populations and their families. Analysis of issues—through input from experts, discussion, and student participation—of trends and current practices affecting maternal, newborn, and child health.