Nurse Anesthesia

The nurse anesthesia concentration is designed to prepare the nurse with a master's degree in a clinical area of nursing to become certified by the Board of Registered Nursing as a nurse anesthetist in the state of California, and by the National Board on Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA).

CoreTheoryClinicalTotal Units
NGRD 657Intermediate Statistics4.0404.0
NGRD 658Translational Research for Advanced Practice4.0404.0
RELE 524Bioethics and Society3.0303.0
ANAT 527Advanced Clinical Anatomy for Nurse Anesthetists3.0302.0605.0
NGRD 580Advanced Health Assessment for Nurse Anesthetists3.0301.0304.0
NRSG 514Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology for the Nurse Anesthetist II4.0404.0
NRSG 519Advanced Role Development for the Nurse Anesthetist4.0404.0
NRSG 520Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice I3.0301.0304.0
NRSG 521Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice II3.0301.0304.0
NRSG 522Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice III4.0401.0305.0
NRSG 523Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice IV3.0301.0304.0
NRSG 567Scientific Foundations of Nurse Anesthesia Practice2.0202.0
NRSG 571Advanced Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia I6.0606.0
NRSG 572Advanced Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia II3.0303.0
NRSG 573Advanced Pharmacology for Nurse Anesthesia III2.0202.0
PHSL 506Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology for Nurse Anesthetist I5.0505.0
NRSG 518Orientation to Clinical Practice1.0301.0
NRSG 524Clinical Practicum and Correlation Conference I1.0102.0603.0
NRSG 525Clinical Practicum and Correlation Conference II1.0103.0904.0
NRSG 526Clinical Practicum and Correlation Conference III1.0103.0904.0
NRSG 527Clinical Practicum and Correlation Conference IV1.0103.0904.0
NRSG 528Clinical Practicum and Correlation Conference V1.0103.0904.0
NRSG 529Clinical Practicum and Correlation Conference VI1.0103.0904.0
Overall Totals62.062025.075087.0

Normal time to complete the program

Three (3) years (10 academic quarters) based on less than full-time enrollment