Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Department of Cardiothoracic  Surgery is dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality surgical care to patients with heart, vascular, and thoracic disease. The department's clinical services include adult cardiac surgery, congenital cardiac surgery, adult and pediatric heart transplantation, general thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, and trauma.

Other equally important goals of the department are to:

  1. Educate medical students through lectures, clinical rotations, research projects, and faculty role modeling.
  2. Train the next generation of competent surgeons in the specialty. The department provides opportunities for ACGME-approved residencies in vascular surgery (two-year program) and in cardiothoracic surgery (three-year program).
  3. Partner with the Global Health Institute of Loma Linda University by providing expert surgical help to other countries in need of such services.
  4. Provide support for innovation and promotion of clinical research.
  5. Promote collaboration with adult cardiology to offer advanced therapies to select patients with complex cardiovascular disease, e.g., transcatheter aortic valve replacement  (TAVR),  percutaneous mitral valve  repair (MitraClip), mechanical circulatory support (LVADs).       
  6. Provide clinical support and professional resources to the community-based cardiac surgery program at LLUMC-Murrieta.


Anees J. Rozzouk


Ahmed M. Abou-Zamzam

Primary faculty

Ahmed M. Abou-Zamzam

Paul K. Aka

Leonard L. Bailey

Juan G. Bastidas

Christian Bianchi

Jason T. Chiriano

Adnan Cobanoglu

Rosario Floridia

Joshua T. Gysbers

Nahidh W. Hasaniya

Jeffery H. Hsu

George I. Kafrouni

Sharon C. Kiang

J. David Killeen

Timothy Martens

Afshin M. Molkara

Sheela T. Patel

Robert Pereyra-Suarez

Moqueet Qureshi

David G. Rabkin

Alfredo L. Rasi

Anees J. Razzouk

O. Howard Shattuck

Majid Tayyarah

Theodore H. Teruya

Jason Wallen

Nicole Wheeler

Salman Zaheer