Dual Major — Prosthodontics, Implant Dentistry Comparison

Closed to admissions for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Course TitleProsthodonticsImplant Dentistry
IMPD 561Dental Bioengineering2.02.0
IMPD 611Introduction to Implant Dentistry2.02.0
IMPD 612Advanced Implant Dentistry2.02.0
PROS 546Occlusion and Morphology2.02.0
PROS 547Occlusion: Principles and Instrumentation2.02.0
PROS 555Removable Partial Prosthodontics2.02.0
PROS 565Complete Denture Prosthodontics2.02.0
PROS 566Advanced Complete Denture Prosthodontics2.02.0
PROS 575Fixed Partial Prosthodontics2.02.0
PROS 576Advanced Fixed Partial Prosthodontics I (MC Aesthetics)2.02.0
PROS 595Maxillofacial Prosthetics2.02.0
PERI 608Dental Specialty Practice Management2.0
PROS 500Prosthodontic Literature Review (2) 22.06.0
PROS 501Removable Partial Prosthodontics Literature Review2.0
PROS 502Complete Denture Prosthodontics Literature Review2.0
PROS 505Patient Presentation Seminar (Prosthodontics, Implant, Perio) (1) 9.0
PROS 515Practice Teaching in Prosthodontics2.0
PROS 525Dental Materials Science2.0
PROS 527Clinical Application of Dental Materials2.0
PROS 556TMJ Function and Dysfunction1.0
PROS 557Advanced Removable Partial Prosthodontics2.0
PROS 604Literature Review in Implant Dentistry for Prosthodontists (2) 14.0
PROS 634Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (2) 18.0
PROS 637Geriatric Dentistry1.0
PROS 696Scholarly Activity in Prosthodontics1.0
IMPD 505Patient Presentation Seminar (1) 10.0
IMPD 547Implant Dentistry Grand Rounds (1) 10.0
IMPD 585Implant Prosthodontics (2) 10.0
IMPD 601Literature Review in Implant Dentistry (2) 22.0
IMPD 604Current Literature Review in Implant Dentistry (2) 20.0
IMPD 631Oral Implant Surgery (1) 11.0
IMPD 634Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry (1) 10.0
IMPD 637Peri-Implant Histopathology1.0
IMPD 654Practice Teaching in Implant Dentistry3.0
IMPD 696Scholarly Activity in Implant Dentistry1.0
PERI 601Periodontal Therapy (2) 4.0
PERI 624Moderate Sedation in Periodontics4.0
Course TitleProsthodonticsImplant Dentistry
GRDN 514Introduction to Biomedical Research4.04.0
GRDN 535Clinical Oral Pathology2.02.0
GRDN 609Professional Ethics2.02.0
GRDN 622ABiomedical Science2.02.0
GRDN 622BBiomedical Science2.02.0
REL_ 5__ Graduate-level Religion3.03.0
ORPA 533Radiology Topics for Graduate Dental Programs2.02.0
GRDN 632Basic Microsurgery Techniques2.0
OMFS 604Selected Topics in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (1) 4.0
OMFS 606Applied Surgical Anatomy1.0
Overall Totals119.0158.0
Course TitleProsthodonticsImplant Dentistry
PROS 710Clinical Practice of Prosthodontics (6) 66.0
IMPD 725Clinical Practice in Implant Dentistry (4) 40.0
IMPD 726Clinical Practice in Periodontics in Implant Dentistry (2) 4.0
IMPD 727Clinical Practice of Prosthodontics in Implant Dentistry (2) 20.0

Normal time to complete the program

Four and one-half (4.5 years); full-time enrollment required