Endodontics Certificate — 27-month, 36-month Comparison

Course Title27-month Certificate36-month Certificate
ENDN 534Endodontic Treatment Conference (1-2) 18.021.0
ENDN 601Principles of Endodontics (2) 10.010.0
ENDN 604Literature Seminar in Endodontics (2) 16.016.0
ENDN 654Practice Teaching in Endodontics (1) 4.04.0
ENDN 657Written/Oral Board Review Course for the American Board of Endodontics2.02.0
ENDN 697AResearch1.01.0
ENDN 697BResearch1.01.0
Course Title27-month Certificate36-month Certificate
GRDN 514Introduction to Biomedical Research4.04.0
GRDN 535Clinical Oral Pathology2.02.0
GRDN 609Professional Ethics2.02.0
GRDN 622ABiomedical Science2.02.0
GRDN 622BBiomedical Science2.02.0
GRDN 632Basic Microsurgery Techniques2.02.0
IMPD 611Introduction to Implant Dentistry (2) 2.02.0
ORPA 533Radiology Topics for Graduate Dental Programs2.02.0
PERI 608Dental Specialty Practice Management2.02.0
PERI 624Moderate Sedation in Periodontics4.04.0
REL_ 5__ Graduate-level Religion3.0
IMPD 505Patient Presentation Seminar (1) 7.0
IMPD 601Literature Review in Implant Dentistry (2) 16.0
IMPD 604Current Literature Review in Implant Dentistry (2) 16.0
IMPD 634Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry (1) 7.0
ORDN 526Applied Anatomy2.0
PERI 524The Periodontium2.0
PERI 611Introduction to Periodontics2.0
REL_ 5__ Graduate-level Religion3.0
Overall Totals79.0134.0
Course Title27-month Certificate36-month Certificate
ENDN 725Clinical Practice in Endodontics (1-8) 172.064.5
ENDN 726Clinical Practice of Implant Dentistry in Endodontics (1,2) 18.0