Dental Hygiene — A.S. (Entry Level)

Closed to admissions for the 2016-2017 academic year

Site coordinator
Debra A. Zawistowski

The Associate in Science (A.S.) degree in dental hygiene, established in 2010, is designed to be completed at the School of Dentistry off-campus location in Palm Desert, California. The goal of the A.S. degree is to offer a unique educational opportunity for students in the Coachella Valley. Applicants who live in the Coachella Valley and have completed prerequisite course work at the College of the Desert will be given priority review in the School of Dentistry admissions process.

The purpose of the A.S. degree—modeled after the B.S. degree in dental hygiene established in 1959—is to increase access to care in an area underserved by preventive oral health-care providers. Upon completion of this curriculum, graduates will be prepared to enter clinical practice under the general and direct supervision of a licensed dentist. A.S. degree graduates will be encouraged to pursue the B.S. degree online completion curriculum, preparing them for a variety of career options, including teaching and public health opportunities.

The Associate in Science degree dental hygiene applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 44 quarter or 32 semester units of transferable college course work.
  • A grade point average of 2.5 or higher in science and nonscience course work, averaged separately; a minimum grade of C for all pre-entrance course work to be transferred to the University.
  • A personal interview with a representative designated by the School of Dentistry. This interview will assess personal qualities; such as, values, spiritual heritage, communication skills, service orientation, and volunteer experience. The interview is by invitation only.
  • Three personal letters of reference.
  • Minimum of twenty (20) hours of experience observing with a dental hygienist.
  • Dental hygiene applicants are expected to complete all general education requirements before matriculating in the School of Dentistry.  A student may be accepted with a deficiency in one or more of the areas but is expected to eliminate deficits before registering for the Dental Hygiene program.

Dental Hygiene general education requirements (A.S. degree)

Domain II: 20 quarter or 15 semester units

Scientific Inquiry and Analysis and Social Sciences

One full year of chemistry covering inorganic, organic, and biochemistry—each with laboratory; human anatomy and human physiology with laboratory (may be two separate courses or sequential courses); microbiology with laboratory. Required science course work must be completed within five years prior to matriculation. Nonremedial college mathematics or statistics. Introductory sociology, general psychology.

Domain III: 13 quarter or 9 semester units


English composition and literature, a complete sequence (two semesters or two quarters); and a speech/interpersonal communication/persuasion course are required. Introductory courses in computers are highly recommended.

Domain IV: 3 quarter or 2 semester units

Health and Wellness

A personal health or nutrition course and one physical education activity course are required.

CodeTitleClock HoursTotal Units
Sophomore Year, Autumn Quarter
ANAT 301Head and Neck Anatomy, DH46464.0
DNHY 216Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry22222.0
DNHY 305Oral Anatomy Lecture22222.0
DNHY 305LOral Anatomy Laboratory30301.0
DNHY 321Preclinical Dental Hygiene I Lecture22222.0
DNHY 321LPreclinical Dental Hygiene I Laboratory60602.0
Winter Quarter
ANAT 303General and Oral Histology and Embryology42423.0
ANDN 314Dental Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia and Inhalation Sedation3330634.0
DNHY 309Radiology I2240623.0
DNHY 322Preclinical Dental Hygiene II Lecture22222.0
DNHY 322LPreclinical Dental Hygiene II Laboratory60602.0
DNHY 375Dental Hygiene Clinic40401.0
RELT 423Loma Linda Perspectives20202.0
Spring Quarter
DNHY 310Radiology II2240623.0
DNHY 323Preclinical Dental Hygiene III22222.0
DNHY 323LPreclinical Laboratory40401.0
DNHY 376Dental Hygiene Clinic1201204.0
DNHY 380Medically Compromised Patients22222.0
DNHY 381Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist I22222.0
ODRP 311General and Oral Pathology DH50505.0
Summer Quarter
DNHY 217Community Oral Health Theory22222.0
DNHY 303Dental Materials and Techniques1230422.0
DNHY 376Dental Hygiene Clinic1201204.0
DNHY 380Medically Compromised Patients22222.0
DNHY 382Pharmacology for the Dental Hygienist II22222.0
DNHY 405Introduction to Periodontics22222.0
DNHY 450Junior Clinical Seminar22221.0
RELE 457Christian Ethics and Health Care20202.0
Junior Year, Autumn Quarter
DNHY 290Research Design and Biostatistics33333.0
DNHY 408Professional Ethics22222.0
DNHY 410Cultural Competency in Health Care22222.0
DNHY 451Clinical Seminar I22221.0
DNHY 475Dental Hygiene Clinic I1761764.0
Winter Quarter
DNHY 218Community Oral Health Practicum60602.0
DNHY 415Applied Nutrition22222.0
DNHY 435Special Topics in Periodontal Therapy22222.0
DNHY 452Clinical Seminar II22221.0
DNHY 476Dental Hygiene Clinic II1761764.0
DNHY 495Dental Hygiene National Board Preparation22221.0-2.0
Spring Quarter
DNHY 409Jurisprudence and Practice Management22222.0
DNHY 412Dental Hygiene Topics II22222.0
DNHY 453Clinical Seminar III22221.0
DNHY 477Dental Hygiene Clinic III2042044.0
Total Units784330896201099-100

Normal time to complete the program

2 years (7 academic quarters) at  LLU — full-time enrollment required