Dental Hygiene B.S. Completion — Education, Public Health Comparison

Minimum grade of C- required in all the following courses, including those in the concentration.

Course TitleEducationPublic Health
DNHY 390Introductory Statistics2.02.0
DNHY 391Introduction to Grant Writing2.02.0
DNHY 400Oral Disease Management2.02.0
DNHY 421Research I2.02.0
DNHY 422Research II2.02.0
DNHY 425Educational Psychology for Health Professionals3.03.0
DNHY 441Principles of Education I3.03.0
DNHY 464Evidence-based Decision Making2.02.0
DNHY 498Dental Hygiene Directed Study (variable unit course: minimum 2 units required; additional units may be added) 2.02.0
DNHY 499Research Writing2.02.0
RELE 457Christian Ethics and Health Care2.02.0
RELT 423Loma Linda Perspectives2.02.0
DNHY 436Ethical and Legal Principles in Education2.0
DNHY 442Principles of Education II3.0
DNHY 444Teaching Practicum3.0
DNHY 446Principles of Clinical Instruction3.0
DNHY 478Advanced Clinical Concepts2.0
DNHY 392Grant Writing II2.0
DNHY 419Essentials of Public Health for Dental Hygienists3.0
DNHY 428Health-Care Management3.0
DNHY 437Ethical and Legal Principles in Public Health for the Dental Hygienist2.0
DNHY 449Treating the Special-Needs Patient3.0