Family Studies (FMST)


FMST 518. Advanced Theories in Child Development. 3 Units.

Examines child development from the perspectives of family systems, symbolic interactionism, structural functionalism, family development, social construction, and others. Investigates theories and stages of development—from birth through adolescence—from classical and contemporary literature in the physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional, and moral development domains.

FMST 526. Marriage and the Family. 3 Units.

Studies the family from perspectives of psychology, anthropology, biology, history, politics, and religion. Investigates the major movements or moving forces in society that have influenced families living in the United States and elsewhere. Evaluates the important contemporary issues in families and presents theories of family functioning that inform therapeutic and educational interventions by professionals.

FMST 534. Family Life Education Module 1. 3 Units.

Covers content, critical thinking, and application of issues related to laws and ethics in the practice of family life education, family law, and public policy matters in the United States of America and around the world; and substantive areas in the marriage and family literature. Prepares family life educators with content required for certification as family life educators and related family life professionals.

FMST 535. Family Life Education Module 2. 3 Units.

Treats content, critical thinking, and application of issues in family life education, parent education and guidance, and family resource management that are important to the knowledge base of family life educators and related family life professionals.

FMST 604. Advanced Qualitative Methods. 4 Units.

An overview of qualitative methods and their application to research of marriage and family therapy. Includes an examination of ethnographics, naturalistic inquiry, phenomenological research, the grounded theory approach, and narrative inquiry.

FMST 684. Doctoral Seminar. 1 Unit.

Students develop and refine their dissertation proposals through presentation and discussion with faculty and other students in a workshop format. Dissertation proposal is an expected outcome of this series of courses.

FMST 694. Directed Study: Family Studies. 1-3 Units.

FMST 697. Research. 1-6 Units.

Independent research relating to marital and family therapy, under the direction of a faculty advisor.

FMST 699. Dissertation Research. 1-20 Units.

Completes independent research contributing to the field of family studies.
Prerequisite: Advancement to doctoral candidacy.