Physical Therapy — D.P.T. (Postprofessional), D.Sc. Comparison

Course TitleDPT (Prior MPT)DPT (Prior BS)DSc
AHRM 605Critical Analysis of Scientific Literature3.02.03.0
PTGR 511Advanced Clinical Practice I: Orthpaedic Rehabiltation3.03.03.0
PTGR 512Advanced Clinical Practice II3.03.03.0
PTGR 513Advanced Clinical Practice III3.03.03.0
PTGR 514Professional Systems in Management I3.03.03.0
PTGR 516Movement Science of the Upper Quarter3.03.0
PTGR 517Movement Science: Lower Quarter Biomechanical Relationships3.03.03.0
PTGR 571Advanced Physiology I: Neurobiology3.03.03.0
PTGR 577Pharmacology in Physical Therapy3.03.03.0
PTGR 578Medical Screening for Physical Therapists3.03.03.0
PTGR 579Clinical Imaging for Physical Therapist3.03.03.0
RELR 525Health Care and the Dynamics of Christian Leadership3.03.03.0
___ ____ Electives9.0
AHRM 571Statistics and Research for Health Professionals I3.0
AHRM 572Statistics and Research for Health Professionals II3.0
PTGR 505Orthopaedic Intervention: Regional Interdependency of the Cervical Spine & Upper Extremities3.0
PTGR 506Soft-Tissue Mobilization3.0
PTGR 509Function-Based Rehabilitation3.0
PTGR 510Neurologic Upper Extremity Management3.0
PTGR 573Pathokinesiology of Gait3.0
___ ____ Electives9.0
AHCJ 506Educational Evaluation and Clinical Assessment3.0
AHCJ 515Curriculum Development in Higher Education3.0
AHCJ 556Administration in Higher Education3.0
AHCJ 564Collaborative Learning in Higher Education3.0
AHCJ 599Directed Teaching3.0
AHRM 581Research and Statistics I3.0
AHRM 582Research and Statistics II3.0
PTGR 523Advanced Neurological Rehabilitation3.0
PTGR 572Advanced Physiology II: Exercise and Thermoregulation3.0
PTGR 599Comprehensive Examination0.0
PTGR 693Research and Statistics III: Development and Approval of Research Topic and Questions3.0
PTGR 695Research and Statistics V: Data Collection3.0
PTGR 696Research and Statistics VI: Data Analysis3.0
PTGR 699Research and Statistics VII - Dissertation3.0
RELE 525Ethics for Scientists3.0
RELT 557Theology of Human Suffering3.0
___ ____ Electives6.0