Nutrition and Dietetics — B.S.

The B.S. degree prepares entry-level dietitians to join the profession and contribute to the wholeness of humankind. The graduate is awarded the Bachelor of Science degree and is eligible to write the registration examination of the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The B.S. degree curriculum includes didactic and supervised professional practice experiences in a health-science and liberal-arts environment to prepare an educated graduate. Admission at this University begins with the junior year of college. The applicant will present records of at least two years of education from an accredited college or university to meet specific subject requirements.

The seven-quarter professional curriculum includes theory, laboratory, and clinical experiences. Ten weeks of clinical experiences are scheduled at the end of the junior year and again during the senior year. Students participate as active members of the nutrition-care team in clinical and community settings. Administrative affiliation experiences involve decision-making assignments in volume feeding operations in school food service or health care.

Program learning outcomes

At the end of this program, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Integrate scientific information and translation of research into practice;
  2. Demonstrate beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors consistent with the professional dietitian nutritionist level of practice;
  3. Develop and deliver information, products, and services to individuals, groups, and populations;
  4. Apply principles of strategic management and systems in the provision of services to individuals and organizations.

Admission is based on a selective process.  In addition to Loma Linda University and School of Allied Health Professions admissions requirements, the applicant must also complete the following requirements:

  • have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or above (science and nonscience)
  • complete an interview (by phone or in person)
  • complete program prerequisites

Listed below are the required admission and prerequisite requirements to obtain a bachelor's degree from Loma Linda University.


20 quarter credits or 14 semester units20
Select a minimum of three areas from the following: history, literature, philosophy, foreign language, art/music appreciation, or art/music history
Must include 4 units of religion per year, if attending a Seventh-day Adventist college or university (1 unit for every 12 units of course work taken at a Seventh-day Adventist institution).
Natural sciences
12 quarter units minimum12
College algebra or higher
Anatomy and physiology with laboratory, complete sequence (two terms)
General chemistry with laboratory, 2 semesters/3 quarters required.
Microbiology with laboratory
Social sciences
12 quarter units minimum12
Psychology elective (one course minimum)
Sociology elective (one course minimum)
Social Science elective: Anthropology , Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology
9 quarter units minimum9
English composition, complete sequence
Health and wellness
2 quarter units minimum2
Two physical activity courses
Human nutrition
Additional requirement
Medical terminology certificate or course
Total Units55

Total minimum units required: 96 quarter units (64 semester units)

For total unit requirements for graduation, see LLU General Education Requirements.

Junior YearUnits
AHCJ 305Infectious Disease and the Health-Care Provider1
DTCS 302Food Selection and Presentation5
DTCS 3042Community Nutrition4
DTCS 3051Professional Issues in Nutrition and Dietetics2
DTCS 321Nutrition and Human Metabolism4
DTCS 329Organic Chemistry with Applications for Nutrition4
DTCS 334Biochemistry with Applications for Nutrition4
DTCS 338Introduction to Clinical Nutrition2
DTCS 340Nutrition through Life Stages3
DTCS 342Medical Nutrition Therapy I5
DTCS 343Medical Nutrition Therapy II5
DTCS 371Quantity Food Purchasing, Production, and Service5
DTCS 372Food Systems Organization and Management4
RELE 457Christian Ethics and Health Care2
REL_ 4__ Upper-division religion2
Senior Year
AHCJ 407Financial Management2
AHRM 471Statistics and Research for Health Professionals I3
AHRM 472Statistics and Research for Health Professionals II3
DTCS 395Nutrition and Dietetics Practicum12
DTCS 405Senior Seminar1
DTCS 445Nutrition Care Management4
DTCS 446Nutrition Counseling and Education3
DTCS 452Advanced Nutrition4
DTCS 453Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy3
DTCS 461Food Science4
DTCS 473Medical Nutrition Therapy Affiliation12
DTCS 476Exercise Physiology in Medical Nutrition Therapy3
REL_ 4__ Upper-division religion2
RELT 436Adventist Heritage and Health2
 Total Units: 110

Normal time to complete the program

Four (4) years total — two (2) years (seven [7] academic quarters) at LLU — based on full-time enrollment; part time permitted