Nutrition Care Management — M.S.

Closed to admission for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The M.S. degree in nutrition care management is a postprofessional degree for registered dietitians who seek advancement into administrative roles in their current position or in another institution. Nutrition care management refers to the administration and management of the delivery of nutrition care in a broad sense. It includes the management of nutrition care dietitians as they provide medical nutrition therapy to a patient. It also includes preparation to become an assistant director in a food and nutrition service in either medical nutrition therapy or food service management. Finally, it also means preparation for becoming director of the food and nutrition department in medical centers or in school food service. The emphasis of the curriculum in management is to effectively use the resources available to achieve the mission of the employing organization.

This degree is a web-based, online curriculum with courses offered via the Internet. No more than two classes are offered each quarter. Although the student is able to individually customize the curriculum to some degree, s/he is expected to keep up to date with the discussion and projects assigned in each class. Courses must be completed by the end of the specified quarter.

Mission of the online degree

The mission of the Master of Science degree in nutrition care management is to prepare leadership personnel in nutrition care and multidepartmental management. Graduates will exhibit a Christian managerial style in their approach to achieving objectives and dealing with customers and employees; as well as in applying ethical principles to all aspects of life. Graduates will be proactive scholars who strive to meet the needs of the current dynamic society by becoming creative thinkers who apply and use research to advance the practice of nutrition and dietetics, and by developing and implementing public policy.

The Master of Science degree in nutrition care management will be offered via distance education using Canvas, an Internet-based learning system. Students will not be required to take any courses on campus during the two years of the online program. The 48-unit degree includes courses offered by the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics in the School of Allied Health Professions, by the M.B.A. degree program in the School of Public Health, and by the School of Religion.

Goals of the online degree

The goals of the Master of Science degree in nutrition care management are to:

  • Further the education and training of registered dietitians who are advanced-level practitioners and/or managers, as well as potential leaders in the profession; and who are willing to serve not only the Seventh-day Adventist health-care community, but also the greater community by promoting optimum health and nutrition.
  • Graduate trained professionals who are effective managers, competent servant leaders, educators, and researchers thoroughly prepared to contribute to the profession's body of knowledge through publications, professional presentations, and advocacy.

Student learning outcomes

The learning outcomes for the Master of Science degree in nutrition care management include preparing the registered dietitian to:

  1. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of nutrition and dietetics, and to serve the needs of the global community at advanced practice levels.
  2. Apply a Christian approach to all aspects of ethics, management, and leadership within his/her area of responsibility and in his/her personal life.
  3. Exhibit an investigative spirit, and continue to attain knowledge and develop professional competency for advanced-level practice.
  4. Use current issues and environmental information from his/her system's external and internal environment to influence and/or adapt to changes that will impact the organization and/or public policy.
  5. Apply research, statistical methods, and current technology to evaluate and improve in his/her areas of responsibility.
  6. Engage in program development to serve the needs of the global community.
  7. Contribute to the profession's body of knowledge by publishing or giving oral presentations of cogent research results.
  8. Develop executive management and leadership skills to achieve personal and corporate goals.

Teaching methodology

The Master of Science degree in nutrition care management will be offered via an online format utilizing Canvas by Instructure. The nutrition and dietetics faculty have approved an online syllabus template and Canvas set-up template to ensure that certain course management strategies are in place and consistent throughout the course of study. Prior to beginning the degree, students will complete an online course that teaches the skills necessary to operate effectively in this online learning environment. Students will be expected to attend a one-day, on-campus orientation prior to beginning their course work.

The online degree is open to registered dietitians who have had at least two years of experience in the profession and who are passionate about their role as a potential manager in the profession

Admission is based on a selective process.  In addition to Loma Linda University and School of Allied Health Professions admissions requirements, the applicant must also complete the following requirements:

  • Evidence of RDN certification is required
  • A G.P.A. of 3.0 or above
  • A letter of recommendation from his/her supervisor and/or department head
  • It is also suggested that the student submit the name of a mentor who will be a member of the team supporting the student through the educational experience. Other members of the team include the individual student, the academic faculty, and the student's faculty advisor.
First YearUnits
AHCJ 548Human Resource Management in the Health-Care Environment3
AHCJ 550Organizational Theory3
AHCJ 566Theoretical Foundations of Leadership3
AHRM 595Research and Statistics Concepts and Methods: Intermediate3
DTCS 554Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy3
RELT 563Health Care, Humanity, and God3
Second Year
AHCJ 549Professional Responsibility in Allied Health Professions3
AHCJ 586Curricula Planning in Health Sciences3
DTCS 525Nutrition Care Marketing3
DTCS 536Health Care Financial Management3
DTCS 585Operations Management in Food and Nutrition Services4
DTCS 696Nutrition Care-Management Project6
HADM 604Health Systems Strategic Planning3
Third Year
DTCS 505Graduate Seminar—Portfolio2
DTCS 579Capstone Course in Nutrition Care Management3
 Total Units: 48

Normal time to complete the program

2.33 years (8 academic quarters) — half-time enrollment only