Medical Dosimetry — Certificate (B.S. in Physics Track, Radiation Therapist Track) Comparison

Course TitleBS in Physics TrackRadiation Therapist Track
First Year
RTMD 301Treatment Planning I2.02.0
RTMD 307Principles of Brachytherapy2.02.0
RTMD 355Physical Principles of Radiation Therapy I3.03.0
RTMD 356Physical Principles of Radiation Therapy II3.03.0
RTSI 369CT Physics2.02.0
RTSI 367Cross-sectional Radiographic Anatomy2.02.0
RTMD 960Practicum11.0
RTMD 961Practicum8.0
RTMD 962Practicum10.0
RTMD 963Practicum9.0
RTMR 285Principles of Radiography I3.0
RTTH 332Radiation Biology2.0
RTTH 344Radiation Therapy Procedures2.0
RTTH 364Radiation Oncology I2.0
RTTH 365Radiation Oncology II2.0
RTTH 366Radiation Oncology III2.0
RTMD 309Radiation Therapy Core—Concept Review1.0
RTMD 310Applied Mathematics for Medical Dosimetry1.0
RTMD 970Practicum11.0
RTMD 971Practicum10.0
RTMD 972Practicum9.0
RTMD 973Practicum10.0
Course TitleBS in Physics TrackRadiation Therapist Track
Second Year
RELE 457Christian Ethics and Health Care2.02.0
RTMD 302Treatment Planning II2.02.0
RTMD 305Special Topics2.02.0
RTMD 314Quality Assurance, with Laboratory2.02.0
RTMD 964Practicum11.0
RTMD 965Practicum11.0
RTMD 974Practicum11.0
RTMD 975Practicum11.0
Overall Totals95.086.0