Health Information Administration — Certificate

Junior YearUnits
AHCJ 325U. S. Health-Care Delivery System2
AHCJ 402Pathology I4
AHCJ 403Pathology II3
HLIN 301Introduction to Health Data Management4
HLIN 303Clinical Classification Systems I3
HLIN 304Clinical Classification Systems II3
HLIN 314Computer System Architecture2
HLIN 325Pharmacology for Health Information Administration2
HLIN 361Professional Practice Experience I1
HLIN 362Professional Practice Experience II1
HLIN 365Professional Practice Experience III1
HLIN 441Legal Aspects of Health Information Administration I2
HLIN 442Legal Aspects of Health Information Administration II3
HLIN 483Alternative Delivery Systems in Health Care4
HLIN 493Health Information Management I4
HLIN 496Project Management2
RELE 457Christian Ethics and Health Care2
Senior Year
HLIN 308Introduction to Data Analytics4
HLIN 401Health Information Systems I4
HLIN 402Health Information Systems II5
HLIN 407Financial Management for Health Information Management2
HLIN 408Reimbursement for Health Care2
HLIN 432Database Management2
HLIN 444Corporate Compliance in Health Care3
HLIN 445Coding Seminar2
HLIN 451Quality Improvement in Health Care3
HLIN 462Professional Practice Experience IV1
HLIN 463Professional Practice Experience V1
HLIN 475Research Methods in Health Information Management3
HLIN 484Current Topics in Health Information Administration4
HLIN 494Health Information Management II4
HLIN 495Professional Practice Experience Senior Affiliation3
 Total Units: 86

A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required for all courses in the program.

An LLU G.P.A. of 2.0 must be maintained throughout the program. A minimum of 50 units is required for completion.

Normal time to complete the program

Two (2) years (6 academic quarters) at LLU