Department of Health Informatics and Information Management

Health informatics and information management (HIIM) professionals provide the leadership necessary to  provide quality information that supports clinical and nonclinical decision making in real time to the health-care industry. Transforming data into health intelligence while governing and respecting the privacy rights of patients and providers is a challenge all health-care delivery systems face. The profession aims to improve patients' experiences with respect to quality and satisfaction, to improve the health of populations, and to improve the per capita costs of health care. Professionals trained in HIIM possess the necessary leadership; as well as the technological, administrative, legislative, analytical, and decision-making skill sets to ensure a competent workforce to the health-care industry.


Debra L. Hamada

Primary faculty

Pauline J. Calla

Jennifer L. Guerrero

Debra L. Hamada

Diana S. Medal

Braden Tabisula

Linda M. Palmer

Terri L. Rouse

Clinical faculty

Kimberly A. Caraig

Jere E. Chrispens

Marilyn H. Davidian

Audrey J. Shaffer

Brenda Muniz Taylor

Douglas F. Welebir

Mark E. Zirkelbach

Associated faculty

Noha S. Daher

Intithar S. Elias

Rodney Roath