Cardiac Electrophysiology Technology — A.S.

Autumn QuarterUnits
AHCJ 326Fundamentals of Health Care2
AHCJ 328Wholeness Portfolio I0
CEPT 245Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology3
CEPT 248Cardiovascular Patient Assessment2
CEPT 251Cardiac Electrophysiology and Rhythm Recognition I2
CEPT 258Fundamentals of Biomedical Science2
CEPT 261Cardiac Electrophysiology Science I3
CEPT 275Cardiovascular Pharmacology3
CEPT 321Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinical Practicum I0.5
Winter Quarter
AHCJ 402Pathology I4
AHCJ 328Wholeness Portfolio I0
CEPT 252Cardiac Electrophysiology and Rhythm Recognition II2
CEPT 262Cardiac Electrophysiology Science II3
CEPT 271Cardiology Diseases and Therapeutics I2
CEPT 281Cardiac Electrophysiology Procedures I3
CEPT 322Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinical Practicum II1.5
Spring Quarter
AHCJ 305Infectious Disease and the Health-Care Provider1
AHCJ 328Wholeness Portfolio I1
CEPT 253Cardiac Electrophysiology and Rhythm Recognition III3
CEPT 263Cardiac Electrophysiology Science III3
CEPT 272Cardiology Diseases and Therapeutics II2
CEPT 282Cardiac Electrophysiology Procedures II3
CEPT 285Cardiology3
CEPT 323Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinical Practicum III1.5
Summer Quarter
CEPT 324Cardiac Electrophysiology Clinical Practicum IV2
CEPT 345Case Studies in Cardiac Electrophysiology2
CEPT 348Cardiac Electrophysiology Seminar3
RELE 457Christian Ethics and Health Care2
REL_ 4__ (Religion elective)2
 Total Units: 61.5

Normal time to complete the program

44 weeks (4 academic quarters) at LLU, based on full-time enrollment